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10 Things I Learned After Planning My Own Wedding

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

1. Engagement is a period of time... not a moment

Too often, the engagement period gets overlooked as a single moment where you got to put a ring on your finger. With any luck, you will only be engaged once. This is a period of time to dive deep into your relationship with your partner, understand your goals as you start a new life together and fully take in the journey of planning your wedding with family and friends. Whether you are getting married in 2 months or 2 years, don't waste this precious time!

2. It is your day, but it is also about your friends and family

I had someone once tell me., "There are only two days in your life where you will have everyone you love in the same room. Your wedding day. And your funeral." As striking as that statement is, it is very much true for most of us. Plan your wedding day the way you have always dreamed of, but be sure to throw in a few extra details to make your guests feel loved and appreciated. Also, carve out time throughout your day to make time for your loved ones to feel connected with you, even if it is just 5 minutes.

3. Pick a bridal party that will step up to the plate

Your bridal party should consist of the friends and family that love you the most. However, it is important to remember; they also have a job. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is a bridal party that does not take your big day as seriously as you.

4. Get inspiration from Pinterest, but know that most of those photos are unrealistic

Treat your Pinterest wedding planning board as more of a mood board. Most of the photos you see floating around on your Discover Page are either shot for editorial purposes or photos from multi-million dollar weddings. Trying to replicate those images will create frustration. Create a board that shows your overall vision and esthetic.

5. Have a "just because" budget bucket

This is your wedding day! When creating your wedding budget, make a bucket of money that you can spend on items you want to have "just because ."If you want a pony at your wedding; Do It! If you've always wanted a giant donut wall; Do It! Give yourself the space to enjoy planning your wedding and making the day unique to you.

6. There are more benefits to DIY than just saving money

Do you have a fond memory of crafting with your parents growing up or working on school projects with a best friend? DIY projects for you wedding can be just that! Spend a few hours on the weekend creating centerpieces or mixing up a signature drink. Those are some of my favorite memories of planning my wedding.

7. The wedding couple should make a speech at their wedding

There are plenty of speeches to go around at a traditional wedding—Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, etc. But we rarely see the married couple get a chance to speak to their guests during the wedding reception. Trust me, your wedding day will fly by, and you may not get the opportunity to spend time with everyone you originally planned. Taking a moment to publicly thank your guests for attending and supporting your wedding day can go a long way.

8. Hiring a wedding coordinator for at least your day-of is a MUST

Until the day of my wedding, I had most of the details handled; I just needed someone, who was not a family member, in charge of other vendors and the schedule. Take it from me, a wedding coordinator myself; I even hired someone to be there behind the scenes on my wedding day. My wedding coordinator jumped in to help behind the bar, handled a seating chart mix-up, and even brought me some lavender oil when I was feeling nervous. She was a blessing and worth every penny to have peace of mind.

9. Your dress/suit will get dirty

No one ever prepared me for how dirty my dress would be at the end of my wedding night. Between all the dancing and outdoor pictures, my train was almost black by the time I got to my hotel. Just embrace it! This is YOUR wedding day! Get dirty, get sweaty and enjoy every moment without holding back.

10. Set expectations for your partner

You've heard it before; your wedding day will go by in a blink. You will want to talk to your partner ahead of time to ensure you both have the exact same expectations of each other during the reception. For example, my husband and I agreed to let one another know if we ever left the dance floor. This way, we weren't searching for each other when our favorite song came on. Setting expectations will alleviate any frustrations between the two of you on your wedding day.

Wedding planning is a learning experience. Make mistakes, take risks, but ultimately be true to yourself and the vision you have for your wedding. Don't forget; you have a wedding planning friend ready to help! Learn more about wedding planning services from Hanna Lynn Events.


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