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How to Build your Wedding Invitation Suite

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Recently in the wedding industry there has been a shift to non-traditional wedding invitations. However, for the bride that has always dreamed of your guests opening a beautiful, physical invitation to your wedding, you are not alone. I am right there with you! Your wedding invitation is your guest's first glance into your wedding. This is the perfect place to set the tone and style of your big day. Let's take a look at my wedding invitation guide and what it will take to make your vision come to life.

Wedding Invitation Pieces


Let's start with the most important part of your invitation set. Your invitation should list the who, what (time), when and where of your event. Who is getting married? What time does the event take place? When the wedding will occur? (your date) And where the event will be held?

Response Card & Envelope

Your response card will be how your guests can RSVP for your wedding. Traditionally, the response card is sent back to the bride and groom via mail. However, with more and more couples doing online RSVPs, don't forget to also provide the link to your wedding website if you would like guests to have an online RSVP option as well. Be sure to include meal choices if applicable, the date you need RSVPs returned, and do not forget to insert a response envelope as well. Top Tip: On your RSVP card, be sure to leave enough space for families to write all of their invited guests names. Sometimes one family will have multiple different answers to whether or not they can attend.


Your details card can include anything from the wedding venue location, to the requested guest attire. Many couples also use this as a place to mention things like, "adults only reception", "cash bar only", etc. Any additional information you would like your guests to know, can fit on this card. Typically they are smaller than the RSVP card and invitation, but you can make it as big as you need to make sure your guests are informed properly.

Additional Event Invitation

Many times couples also need to invite friends and family to other events through out the wedding weekend such as a welcome party, the rehearsal dinner or a brunch the next day. This is a great additional insert to make sure guests are aware they are invited to join the couple for these events.


Finding a way to bind you wedding suite together will ensure your stack does not shift while in the mail and makes sure your guests see all pieces of your wedding invitation suite the way it was intended. Couple have used anything from ribbon to wax seals to hold all of their pieces together. Maybe try using something the ties into decorations from you wedding.

Don't Forget when Sending your Wedding Invitations

  1. Postage costs! They can sneak up on you, but remember that you will be paying for stamps on EVERY invitation. Your postage costs also increase as the weight of the envelope goes up.

  2. When you get RSVPs back, enter them into your website or spreadsheet right away! The RSVP cards are typically small and can easily get lost in the shuffle.

  3. Save an invitation suite for your photographer and videographer. Pick out one of the nicest ones and keep it on hand for all of your details shots.

  4. Order a few extra. Chances are a few invitations might get lost in the mail. Make sure you have a few on hand just in case.

Need help customizing the perfect wedding invitations? I am here to help! I will work with couples to create a design that is unique to them and truly gives your guests the glimpse into your big day.

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